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04/26/2016 02:31 PM

On This page.....

Our Latest special
A few more good runners left but will be gone soon ..
Non Runners Special
Free MCI 9 Free 1984 MCI 9
1980 MCI 9 Started has RV title
Products Catalog

For more images of this Bus  

Our latest Super Special Package...
1987 MCI 9
with a
New "0" mile
Detroit 6V92TA 350HP  Engine w/ Hi Speed Program,
Allison 740 automatic transmission 
Two new Radiators
3:33-1 Hi Speed Rockwell Rear End
Fast   75-80MPH  chassis set up
Everything else works ...Plus more ...

Coach is in very good condition
with  straight Stainless Steel skins.

We have upgrades  packages to fit this bus ..
Ask about our  Discount  plan for  this sale

Was $25,000.    $21,900.
Now $16,000.
Transmission inspected to
be in excellent condition .
Rides like a new one ..

#35187  1987 MCI 9

Call our hotline for more information

Introducing our version of the new
MCI "J' and "G" Model Coaches
available for 2008


Free MCI 9

FREE   1983  MCI  9   !!!

Next Level coach and Walker Coach is offering an incredible Super summer Special .
With the purchase of the following discounted services to your MCI 9. We will throw in the bus absolutely free of charge.   We have singled these coaches out because they are  in good condition. The skins and Chassis are in  great shape.

from Buses101.com

We are offering an incredible Spring special.
With the purchase of the following discounted services to your
MCI 9. We will throw in the bus absolutely free of charge.   We have singled these coaches  out because they are  in tremendous shape. The skins are good and the chassis are in great shape too.
They are the last of our starter coaches for our customers and its time for them to move.

Roof Raisal w/ new front & rear cap


1/8" aluminum Window blank outs


Rebuilt  6V92 Detroit diesel motor


Interior insulation


Interior plywood ,floor, walls, ceiling


RV slider windows


MCI 9 Bus , Good condition, your choice




Take out for the bus ....           Free


Super Spring  Special package           Was
Now ......


Take advantage of this tremendous package for $39,300.00
 and receive your 83 or 84 MCI 9     Absolutely free.

While supplies last. Call our free information
Hotline at 484-362-4342
Other Buses for Sale

More Options...

Installed Bathroom Package  
Holding tanks:
150 Gallon Fresh Water, !00 Gal. Gray, 40 Gal. Black
All pumps, Valves , Manifold, connections for water fill ,
city connection, tanks strapped down, wash out access, electric Push Button dump Valves.
All plumbing PEX .Installed
36" shower, 32" vanity , RV Toilet. 





Installed electrical Circuitry :
Two 50 amp Breaker Panels ,one  fro Supply another for inverter.
50 amp 12VDC fuse panel   all wiring to meet most needs to this type of conversion . With but not limited to : Rope lighting, switches, dimmers, etc.    



Installed Newer more modern
MCI "G"  or  " E" Front Ends






Flat 1/8" Side Skins


Two Roof  A/C's


Only while inventories  last.
Call our free information line at 484-362-4342

1980 MCI 9 #5094  RV Conversion Shell

RV Title
Bus Conversion Starter Special
Plumbing and insulation started

1980 MCI 9 in extremely good condition.
This bus has almost no corrosion at all.
Rebuilt strong Low mileage Upgraded high HP 
Detroit 8V71 with turbo, automatic Allison 740 transmission.
This coach drives as if it was just a few years old.

We removed the windows and reinforced the Blankout areas. We installed our 1/8th inch aluminum Blankout panels and have installed 2 RV windows in the rear. We have installed and insulated interior skin with of inch plywood throughout the entire coach. We have installed a middle bathroom toilet vanity and large tub/shower combination. All holding tanks, pumps, and manifold systems are installed. We have added 2 roof air conditioners. Electrical wiring has started. This would be a great RV Motor Coach startup for anyone who wants to take it from here. 

This is a model originally started for a customer who decided to upgrade to one of our larger models.
All conversion work is new and has never been used.
Asking $29,000 or best offer

               Click here to see more images



1983  NJT MCI 9  Runners
We have a few left but will go soon ..

These buses were thought to be non runners but as we were checking to see which ones need to be  winterized for the
winter we found 4 more good runners ..

The first $7,000,..... OBO takes them ..

These all have good bodies and very little to no rust anywhere ..
They are considered to be in excellent shape ...call first and we can give you a run down on what's left ..

1984 MCI 9 Bus Super Special Non Runners

This MCI 9 Coach is classified as a non-runner. It runs, just poorly. We have singled it out because this one is in tremendous shape. The motor is repairable and in excellent shape. The skins are great and the chassis is almost perfect. The interior looks like a 2 year old. dcp04536.jpg (152318 bytes)

We have a few of these non-running MCI 9's left in stock.
These are great starter coaches. Buy a non-running coach with a 6V92 Turbo Detroit engine with a Allison 740 4-speed automatic transmission. The engine is a good core. We will guarantee it with a good Blower and Turbo. Chassis and tires are in good condition.

We also do structural work on our coaches. We can raise roofs with our one piece aluminum panel.
We stretch coaches and have all the parts and accessories: holding tanks, pumps, electrical system, plumbing system etc...

We have everything you need to make this bus into a beautiful Private Coach.

"See our new    Online  RV Catalog "

Product Specials ....


Drain Master Automatic Electric Dump Valve

click here for more information..


Shurflo Pump 5.7 Extreme flow Series

Click here for more info..

Xantrex Inverters

Click here for more info..

RV Slider

Double Insulated Tinted Windows

Lets your 12 Volt Trailer Turn Signals, Running Lights, Brake Lights and Reverse Lights all run off  your 24 Volt DC Bus Chassis
Do you have a 24 Volt Chassis, but you need to tow 12 volt trailers?
You need the black box!





24 Volt to 12 Volt
DC to DC reducer for your trailer hitch

This is a box designed so you can tow  a 12 volt trailer behind your 24 volt motor coach. Have you been trying to find a 24 volt to12 volt DC/DC reducer for your trailer?
We finally got around to making them.

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