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Custom RV

RV Windows are available in both single pane and Double Pane insulated windows 
RV's, Do it yourself Bus Converters, and Private Coaches.

MCI 9 Do it yourselfers , we now offer a kit to replace you existing Bus window with a RV T Slider window .
New Kit fits right in existing Bus window frame .  


Motion Windows

  Insulated windows are offered with radius or mitered corners developed specifically for coach use.
Insulated windows utilize two lightweight pieces of 1/8” tempered glass separated by a 1/4” space.
A vinyl thermal break reduces heat loss or gain through the frame and helps minimize sweating.

Removable aluminum screens for easy cleaning. 
Frames are made with anodized aluminum; reducing maintenance, rust, and corrosion. Their energy saving construction saves on air
conditioning and heating costs. Attractive charcoal gray aluminum screens dawned in black aluminum frames
are custom built to fit every sliding window. In addition, road noise is also greatly reduced with our insulated windows.

Here's the latest in RV windows for a MCI 9 -MCI 102

Series 1800

 MCI 9  do it yourselfers
We now offer a kit to install a new RV Double pane RV Window using your existing MCI 9 Bus frame ..


Series 1800

Storm Tite   www.BusRVparts.com

Storm-Tite Incorporated has manufactured window and door products since 1965, and has been
involved in the supply of transportation window systems to major North American recreational vehicle
 and bus manufacturers since 1972.
Corporate head offices are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and currently, all Sales & Marketing
and Design engineering functions are located at this facility.  Storm-Tite, design's and manufacture's
superior quality window and door systems for world class customers.  They have grown to become a
leader in window and door products through innovation in designs, and processes diversification of
products, and ongoing research and development.  Their collaboration with customer's to meet
changing need's, diligent service, support and focus towards the supply of high quality, trouble free
product's has been their number one priority since inception.  Storm-Tite respect's customer's needs,
treat 's customer's problems with urgency, and "go's  the extra mile" to support and contribute to the
 success of their customer's.


The Hehr® 5900 series is a premium quality window with a flush, automotive look. It is a versatile
radius corner window used in motor homes, trail

For decades, Hehr International has pioneered the development of window systems for many types
of mobile and vehicular applications.  Today, Hehr and its divisions and affiliated companies serve a
wide range of industries - including RV, van, manufactured housing, transit, marine, heavy truck,
truck cap, automotive, emergency and police services, and more.

Each Hehr plant is guided by a company wide dedication to quality materials and excellent workmanship. 
 Our three part quality assurance inspections ensure that our finished products conform to specifications,
 have moving parts that operate correctly, and adhere to exacting aesthetics.  Such attention to detail
at each step of the process has one ultimate goal: to give our customers peace of mind.  

Today, as in 1946, every aspect of our manufacturing process at Hehr -  from raw materials to finished
products - aims to provide our customer with years of reliable service and satisfaction.

The 8700 series is a high strength, durable radius corner RV window with a torque awning ventilation section.
The clamp ring mounting system gives it a flush exterior for a smooth, automotive look.
The window can stand alone or be used to complement other window styles in your vehicle, and can be
manufactured in various configurations for use throughout the unit.

Whenever you convert a MCI bus into a private motor coach, usually it's a good idea to remove
the existing heavy duty commercial grade glass with escape mechanism and
replace it with a proper amount of RV windows. The most popular style is double
pane insulated glass slider windows. 

The first thing you need to do is remove the older windows, seals, and aluminum
window frames. Now you're down to just a square steel tubing. You then treat
that for any corrosion that may be there. At this time, is when you add
1.5" x 1.5" tubing to restructure the spaces where the windows used to be. 

The next phase is to install a skin of some type to match the rest of the coach. Here at
" BusConversion101.com " we used to use 4 ft high by 10 ft wide aluminum panels.
They would come in 1/16th inch or 1/8th inch thickness. However, we've found that the heavier
 1/8" aluminum had a much finer finish. We have Alcoa aluminum to build us a one piece,
40 ft long section. They have to be handled by special trucks and equipment,
but the finish is far superior. No rivets visible, no butt joints exposed, and they cannot leak in any way.

n our experience, we have found two companies that lead the industry in recreation vehicle slide type
windows. Peninsula glass is one company that's been building windows for buses, and coaches for many,
many years. Another company that builds for commercial passenger coaches too is
Storm Tite. Here at " BusConversion101.com "we represent both companies.



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