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Webasto Heating



06/30/2018 12:59 AM

Webasto Diesel-Fired Heaters

Liquid   Or   Air Heaters

Assembled in North America,


The more popular Bus conversion Heating system in the US

There's no need to huddle around the campfire to keep warm when you have a Webasto heater on-board. People who travel know the importance of having instant heat in the vehicle. Webasto heaters are easy to operate, have low power and fuel consumption and are very affordable.


Webasto Liquid  Heaters Back to top

Engine Coolant  and Interior Heat.

Webasto coolant heaters in the heavy-duty truck market have assisted fleets, owner operators, and drivers alike by reducing cold starts. Made for reliability and performance, Webasto coolant heaters extend engine life. In addition, larger Btu/h producing heaters have the capability of providing engine-off interior heat.



Thermo Top

Thermo Top T

Thermo Top C

Thermo 90 S

DBW  2010

The DBW 2010 delivers high heat output in every application.
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   Specifications  DBW 2010
  Volume flow of the circulation pump (l/h) at 0.15 bar 1600 (MP Pump)  
  Voltage (V) 12/24  
  Dimensions (mm; LxWxH) 584x205x228  
  Heat output Btu/h (kW/h) 45,000 (13.1)  
  Fuel consumption Gal/h (l/h) 0.4 (1.5)  
  Power consumption Watts 60  
  Weight (kg) 15.0



Webasto Air Heaters                                                                                                         Back to top  

Heating the interior of your vehicle is easy and very cost effective with a Webasto Air Heating System. Forced air from the Webasto air heater provides instant heat to the vehicle's interior. See the list below for the Btu/hr rating that's best for your vehicle size.



Air Top 2000

Air Top 3500

Air Top 5000

HL 90
Specifications DBW 2010
Volume flow of the circulation pump (l/h) at 0.15 bar 1600 (MP Pump)
Voltage (V) 12/24
Dimensions (mm; LxWxH) 584x205x228
Heat output Btu/h (kW/h) 45,000 (13.1)
Fuel consumption Gal/h (l/h) 0.4 (1.5)
Power consumption Watts 60
Weight (kg) 15.0

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