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Looking for a Coach ?
Or a kit to help Convert a Bus into a Private Coach ?

...More questions and answers below

Start with something like this one ...



Also here are some of the more popular questions about our coaches...

see the Frequently asked Questions section too. 

If you want to see our latest in used buses hit here ...



More answers with a little MCI History
 For more detail MCI history click here ..

1.    Why MCI ?

In the 1950’s, Motor Coach Industries (MCI) was manufacturing the 35’ Model MCI-5 over-the-road Passenger Coach. It was a good coach with a manual 4 speed transmission. However, as the Bus industry was growing, they needed something a little bigger and this coach was having a rust problem. 
Then, in 1968, they introduced the improved 40’ MCI-7 using stainless steel and aluminum in the chassis with stainless steel skins to address this rust problem.


In the late 1960’s Greyhound Bus acquired MCI.








The model MCI 8 came next from 1973 to 1978. 4,475 units were built and it was squarer and more modern looking than the 7 with more stainless steel and aluminum in the sub chassis.


From 1979 to 1987 came the now famous MCI 9 and it’s still being manufactured (as the MCI 12). The most successful Passenger Bus ever made, with over 9,000 have been produced. This coach's sub-frame and the rear section around the engine is 90% Stainless Steel and Aluminum. In 1982, MCI made some more improvements in the steering and suspension.


This Bus was designed by Greyhound for Greyhound, a company that wanted a high mileage low maintenance intercity long haul over-the-road coach.


This new MCI was the only coach that was ever designed to last 30 years and 3 million miles; not 10 years and 1 million miles like all the other over-the-road passenger buses. One of the first things they did was to build the coach with the now famous 90% Stainless Steel and Aluminum sub-chassis construction. Also don’t forget the MCI 9 has a squarer roof than other previous MCI’s. This is important with value, looks and when you need extra space inside. Most important of all, the MCI has the highest resale value over any other coach in its class.


These are the next generation MCI's..

MCI 102 A-3 MCI E Model
MCI G model  

"See our new Online  RV Catalog "






2. Why do your sides looks like one piece?  

The window blank out panels are 1/8” aluminum in 10 ‘x 4’ sections; or as an option they can be all one sheet.

Our concept blends the butt edges to be almost seamless and we use Sika Flex adhesives and some rivets. So from a distance the side does look seamless. On some of our higher end coaches, our walls are built as one unit with a one piece fiberglass skin. 

We install heavy 1/8” (.125) x 4’ x 10’ Aluminum window blank out Panels; where no windows will go, we reinforce with X pattern 1.75” thick wall heavy steel tubing as to prepare for bracing of bunks on walls or similar. We use top quality Sika Flex adhesives with over 1100 PSI strength reinforced with 1/8” thick ¾” rivets hidden under trim work where they can not be seen.


3. Does the Drive Train come with all your coaches?

The MCI 9s we are promoting at this time in Ebay and the RV Trader online come either with or without a drive train. We specialize in building entertainer and commercial coaches. Sometimes the owners, i.e. Trucking Companies, Motor Coach Companies, and other Mechanical companies, want to install there own
Detroit Series 50or 60 engines, or a  Cummins 350-450 Hp with an Allison 740,747,653,654 or B500 transmissions. We build our shells to accommodate this. But that is just this promotion. We can build any package with any drive train you need.


4.Why take the engine out to start with?

The older 8V71 and 8V92 Two Cycle Detroit Engines are not the most efficient engines out there. In fact, they are among the worst when it comes to environmental pollution. They are not allowed to be manufactured new anymore. Of course there always will be a way to obtain good rebuilt earlier Detroit Engines, but everyone who can afford it will be upgrading to the better more efficient four cycle engines. Detroit Series 50 and Series 60 and Cummins 350 to 500 Hp engines are the choice of the Industry, and most will upgrade as soon as they can afford it. We must remove the engine, radiators and the transmission in order to work in the back to make more room for these new more powerful and efficient engines.


5.    What’s this about moving the radiators?

We have moved the two twenty year old radiators from above the floor in the rear bedroom area, and installed one large new one below the floor next to the Engine like the new MCI’s. This gives you two more feet inside. See our link on this:

Our New Style Rear Clip Web Page 


6.    Why Stretch the bus to 43 Feet?

Stretching the coach 3’ and moving the radiators gives you a total of 5 more feet usable inside floor space.


Also, adding this extra 3 feet (5’) to the rear has enabled us to make enough room for the more popular Detroit Series 50-60 or Cummins 350-450hp Engines with automatic transmissions.


We stretch and raise the roof 10” and build a bigger rear bedroom by moving the Radiators. We do this in such a way to have it available for someone who wants to finish it themselves. We upgrade the chassis for someone who would not otherwise have the experience or the ability. This also prepares the shells for our Conversion Kits. Of course, we build as much of the coach as you would like. 


7. Why raise the Roof ?

If you have ever been standing in a standard tour or over-the-road coach (not a city bus), one of the things you will notice is that when you are standing, you really can’t see out of the windows: you have to lean down in order to look out. This is due to the fact that over-the-road coaches have overhead luggage bays and the coach is not designed to be a motor home with cabinets.


When you raise the roof, it adds value to your coach because most people who buy the professional conversion prefer this. With the higher roof, you can have bigger windows with overhead cabinets and you can see out while you’re standing.


8. What does the kit include?

This is a modified version of all the nuts, bolts, screws, adhesives, holding tanks, plumbing, pre-cut plywood and all of the same parts and materials we use to build our own Private Coach Conversions. At this time, we are attempting to make the parts and materials more simplified in order to make it easier for a lay person to install.


We are trying to pre-build as much as possible, i.e. pre-built mirror sections for the ceiling and pre-upholstered panels for the ceiling, walls, all the interior, pre-built cabinets, closets and bathroom dividing walls, pre-built wiring harness, converter harness, breaker boxes pre-wired and pre-plumbed sections (similar to a electrical wiring harness but for plumbing). We even have our own designed double insulated windows. What we can do in pre-assembly of about 3 hours for the wiring would take you about a week in reading and learning how to build the wiring harnesses. The kits usually include every thing you need to convert a MCI 9 into a luxurious Private Coach.


Plus soon we will have a Bus Conversion School “www.busconversion101.com”. Kit does not include optional items such as a Generator, Refrigerator, Carpet or floor coverings, A/C units, Furniture and Standard ½” Uncut plywood.


 9.    How much should I pay for a good Running MCI 9 Coach? 

A 15 to 20 year old MCI 9 will sell for anywhere between $15,000. to $40,000. It depends on the
age and condition. A 20 year old MCI 9 will sell for an average of $8,000 to $22,000. Some can sell for as much as $50,000 retail. It all depends on the condition.

Then you add what has been done to it, i.e. when you stretch one that usually adds about

$20,000 value to the coach and to raise the roof usually adds another

$20,000 value to the coach. The new 102 D3 style smooth skin look usually adds about

$10,000 to $15,000 to the value of a coach. Moving the radiators usually adds about

$7,000 to the coach.


A 20 year old MCI in Very good condition with raised roof, updated radiator bay, stretched 3 feet, D3 updated smooth skin with new front windshields will probably sell for about $65,000 to 75,000. Now, add a Cummins 400HP and its up to $75,000 to $95,000  


We usually can beat these prices, so Call us for a quote. We often get special package deals when we buy in fleet quantities. We get some pretty good buys that we like to pass on to our customers.

Call our ...
Free Advice Hotline

10. What can I expect to pay for this coach you are selling now?

We have a few 1984-1987 MCI 9 and MCI 102 C-3 Shells in extremely good condition. On one or two the rear end has been removed and replaced with our  3’-5' Rear Clip extension package.

Then we go through the Air Suspension, Steering Suspension, Brakes, Fluid and Pneumatic lines and all wiring upgraded all to make in top condition. You can pick this coach up and you can go to Florida the next day.


1985 MCI 9 43’, Stretched 3’ft, Raised 10”, Sound insulated rear package, removed radiators and installed new one down next to engine, reinforced rear engine room area for larger more efficient and powerful engine. Installed Modified 102D3 New look Skins. Recondition all chassis, suspension, wiring, and brakes. One year warranty.


Other Companies are advertising their updated MCI 9’s, but they have only added skins, raised the roof and are using the same old engine & radiators and are advertising their Coaches for $75,000.


We are asking $49,900 OBO as is (No Power Train) or

$79,000 OBO ready to roll with Cummins 400hp and Allison 654 or 740 drive train, with a one year warranty.


11. What do you do in the rear clip that’s so different?

Our rear Clip is all new construction added to the rear of the coach in order to lengthen bedroom area 5 more feet. Then we add our super insulation package including:

Heavy thick wall 1.75” steel square tubing (this is larger than the original construction of the Bus.)

18 gauge sheet steel on top of that,

1/16” sound deadening lead on that,

1/4" Rubber Matt 

½ sheet rock on that,     

½”CDX commercial roof grade plywood,

1/2” sheet rock and

½” CDX plywood on top of that . Next we

hand lay-up 3 separate layers of 1.5 oz. Stranded fiberglass mat in the entire rear bedroom area. This completely seals all joints and air pockets in this area, creating an air & water tight and fire resident Bedroom compartment.

With the proper insulated windows installed you can not hear the engine running from inside the bedroom. You will never smell any road or engine fumes. The walls are also done the same way.


The engine room is heavily reinforced to support the more powerful Cummins 400HP or the New Series 50/60 Detroit Engine. New radiator system includes: Bearings, fan clutch housing and all that takes to move the radiator Cooling system.

We remove the old radiators and install a new one very similar to what Prevost H3 and the New Van Hools have.


12.     Now, All that said and done what's so
special about a " BusConversion101.com " chassis?


BusConversion101.com has over 30 years experience in major structural reconstruction and repair. We have designed and built every square inch of our Private Coach and chassis conversions through many years of trial and error and R&D. One of our specialties is chassis modification. We have many years in complete remanufacturing of MCI’s.


We were one of the first to build our own stainless steel and fiberglass after-market accessories, like a new style stainless steel retrofit skins with Headlights and taillight kits, Fiberglass caps and Blank out panels to cover old window openings, complete front end modifications i.e. convert a MCI into a Eagle 15 look or the Prevost look, GMC into a Eagle look.


These are not all just kits. These are where we remove the front or rear end and install a complete newly manufactured clip to make that coach into a more modern shell and much more. We were the first to ever stretch and raise the roof on a GMC 4104, 4106, 4905, all aluminum Uni-body Shell. We are recognized as a company that can rebuild the more serous reconstruction of a coach. We specialize in Custom coaches like Film Production, Movie Coaches with Dressing Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Meeting Rooms, Disaster emergency vehicles, and of course  famous Rock Stars and other Entertainers. We also manufacture a large line of Private coaches and much more.


13.What’s the price of your Conversion Kits?

Our original idea was to offer the complete package we used in our assembly plant in Florida for our high line coaches. However that kit was designed to be assembled by professional craftsmen and could get a little difficult for a lay person, and is rather pricey too.


So we completely redesigned that package to make it a little easier for someone who has limited experience. While designing this new package, we did more research with other do it yourselfers. We came up with the idea of trying to keep the price down by not including some items you can get at your local hardware or appliance store, like the refrigerator, carpet, flat uncut plywood etc.


We build different styles in our decor as to be more price conscious. For example, you probably didn’t have a need for imported Ostrich leather from Australia or imported Italian Pink Granite etc.


We also didn’t want to take from the quality we are known for, i.e. our overhead and all our cabinetry is not like flimsy motor home cabinets . We build a very heavy cabinet with ½” plywood. 


They are very heavy with solid back walls. You open our cabinets and you won’t see the back wall of the motor home; you will see our ½” plywood arched back wall.

The price really depends on your needs, and can go from $19,000 to $75,000 or more.


These kits can more than double or even triple your coach's resale value.


Before we can quote a prices on the Private Coach Conversion Kit, we have to ask you more questions before we can give you a more accurate price. There are so many variables that reflect what parts of the kit you want us to build and not build. The MCI bus Shell needs to be prepared. Whether we prepare it or you do affects the price of the kit.


14. Why go to all this trouble?


On the Private Coaches we build, you can buy one of our Standard or Luxury Conversions complete, use it for a year and the coach is still valued for more than what you paid for it. Why? Well, that’s a long story and I will be happy to tell you about it, but for this we have to speak in person.



15. Our Mission

Our Bus Conversions are designed and built to meet and or exceed national RVIA Standards for security and safety.

We are about to revolutionize the Bus Conversion Industry and introduce a new way to build a do it yourself Private Coach, and build it in 90 days.

Remember as our adds say, “Be careful, don’t buy the wrong bus”. If we can find you a Bus at about wholesale prices, we are probably going to make you happy. Then, if you’re happy and you like our easy to assemble “Conversion Kit” that’s designed to be assembled at your own pace, at wholesale prices, we have made a permanent customer. That’s what our customer base is built on, repeat and referral customers. This is our goal.


16. How Can I learn more ?

If we can answer any of your questions, please don’t hesitate to call or write back. We will be more than happy to help you in anyway we can.

If you call the number below, someone is usually there between the hours of 11:00 am and 11:00 pm Eastern Time for our Free Advice Hotline. We have over 30 years experience in building our Private and Commercial Coaches and are now going into the private do it your self market. 

This version of our assembly package has to be a lot easier to put together our customer may not have that much experience in the cabinet business. So it’s important to get a feel of who will be assembling these coaches.




We need your questions

In order for our research to be up to date we need your input too!

Please don’t hesitate to ask

So if we can help you please call us for your bus conversion work or bus hunting, remember if you want the resale value to stay up there you must build it to a standard of RVIA or like same standards.

Also, for a little more information about MCI’s see our website and look at the
 MCI History  section.


Want to learn how to convert a Bus? Watch this site! Soon we are going to start a training course called Bus Conversion 101 at www.busconversion101.com/ Coming soon! It’s free when you purchase any of our Private Coach conversion products.



Remember as our adds say “Be careful, don’t buy the wrong bus”.


If you are about to buy a used coach, be very careful. The fact that you are looking at something you can afford means you’re looking at a commercial coach in the 15 to 25 year old range. MCI is the only coach built back then that offered this stainless steel and aluminum Chassis construction. All others back then had a corrosion problem. If you are about to buy something that will be around for awhile, then research and buy a good one. Sometimes, when you buy at a super deal that’s “too good to be true”, it usually is. You don’t want to buy a chassis that needs work to save you money; it doesn’t work that way and on average that person will spend a lot more in the long run.


Our MCI Buses are 1983 - 1987 MCI 9s, the one with 90% Stainless Steel and Aluminum sub chassis. You can tell these were low mileage coaches. Purchase one of these Coaches and get 15% off our conversion kit! A complete kit for everything you need to make a beautiful Private Coach Conversion in 90 days and save 10’s of thousands of dollars.


Our promotion right now is one of these coaches stretched to 43’, Raised 8” and all new polished stainless steel skins. This Coach is being offered as a starter shell or it can be built further with a Conversion Kit.


Also we have moved the old Radiators from above the floor and installed a large new one below the floor next to the Engine like the new MCI’s. This gives you two more feet inside the coach you didn’t have before.


Plus, stretching the coach 3’ gives you a total of 5 more feet usable floor space inside. Adding this extra 3 feet in length (5’ inside ) to the rear has enabled us to make enough room for the more popular Detroit Series 50-60 or Cummins 350-400hp Engines with automatic transmissions. 


Also don’t forget that the MCI 9 has a more square roof than other previous MCI’s. This is important with Resale Value, looks, and when you need extra space inside.


MCI "E" Model
Front End for  MCI  9  



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us.





"See our new Online  RV Catalog "






Call our ...
Free Advice Hotline


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