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06/29/2018 11:58 PM

Bus Conversion Cabinet Kits for the DO it Your Selfer

"Supper Galley Sale    $1,995.00"

Do it your selfer's click here
To this....

More on one of our
Newest Model
The 2008 model 3301

Interior Gallery 

We at Busconversion101.com
Have finally accomplished something that many have Quested for. High quality but yet with a different look . Our coaches are Luxurious but yet conservative ..
They have a hint of a Commercial Design. Attractive but you have a feeling of durability without being  too utilitarian, These are truly Exclusive Private Coaches.
This is a special look preferred by many Artist.. Our Coaches are designed for form, function and durability with high quality in mind .

"Some say they almost have a Commercial
Quality but yet Quite Elegant."

As an option the the following is available too...

Our new 2009 Full Bus Conversion Kit is so simple now. It is almost completely pre-assembled, i.e. the galleys sink base and sink fixtures are already assembled, including plumbing and wiring. All you have to do is unwrap the base, bring it into the coach and hook it up. The 120 and the 12Volt Breaker boxes are completely pre-wired with all circuit breakers pre-wired and connected. The receptacles and lights and light switches already connected. All you have to is get someone to help carry it into the bus, unwind the cables, and hang it up. It takes five minutes to completely wire one side of the coach. 

How about that for a Kit!






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