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       Welcome to....


A family of companies designed to offer our customers
the best in the Specialty Custom  Coach Industry...

Our designs are not meant to be over rich or gaudy  ..No Alligator, No Ostrich or Lizard leathers on the ceilings..
We have borrowed some  of our designs from the Commercial Yachting industry, Beautiful, Tough but yet Comfortable,
Designed to look up to date for  many years and at the right Price.



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"Buses101" link to return back here

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Big Sale on RV Fold up Bunk Beds..

Specialty Coaches Structural Design Work Double Decker's Prevost Upgrades
Slide Out Units Buses for Sale Bus RV Parts Interior Upgrades
  Interior Gallery FOR SALE by OWNER  

Specialty Coaches


Bus Limos and Party Buses

Slide Out Units

Specialty Vehicle with
4 Slide Out Units
Specialty Limousine Coaches
Completed or in shell form
Custom, Private or Commercial  
Slide Out room Additions

Custom slide units for
West Coast Customs
TV show
Model 200 Suncruiser
Open Top, 2 Level
Double Decker Sightseeing Bus


Newer Body Styles
Different Custom
Body styles

MCI-9 .Com
Information for the person
looking to buy a MCI 9 ,12 or
a MCI 102 Passenger Bus

Examples of buses under
various stages of construction

Specialty Double Decker's
"NIKE" Bus Shown

Custom Slide outs
Bus and RV parts to help with your
Custom Coach Conversion
Custom Cabinets
for Bus Conversions

What Do I do Now!
What to do next when  converting a Bus, with budgets

 Specialty Vehicles
Special Built custom Coaches

 Specialty Vehicles
Special Built custom Coaches

Specialty Vehicles
Super Jumbo LED Screens

Gillig Sun Trolley
Custom Trolleys

Interior Gallery
Our designs

Control Panels, etc. Holding Tanks Manifolds, Pumps
Structural Design      

Specialty Double Decker Coaches
NIKE Shoe Custom Built
Double Decker Coach

Double Decker Under
Roof Raise Stretch to 45'

Steering Upgrade

Structural Repair Work

GMC PD 4501 Scenicruiser
Restoration of Classic Buses

Side utility door
Major structural repair or
Ground up rebuild
All new flat skins

Interior Gallery
Our designs

Parades or sightseeing
custom built Bus ..

Prevost Coach Upgrades  

Prevost XL up to a XLll    

Buses For Sale

These, Just came in, You will not find a better deal then these two Neoplan Motor coaches

Two, Almost New Marathon Converted when new Motor Coaches

1997 Neoplan Jetliner
26,000 Original Miles
Never was a Bus

1993 Neoplan Spaceliner Double Decker
165,000  Original Miles
Never was a Bus

Double Decker
Motor Coach
Not a Bus




A True custom built Motor Coach
From The Ground Up ..

Buses for Sale

Buses for Sale
MCI 9 Buses Custom
Wheelchair or Utility Lifts

Buses for Sale
MCI 9, Custom
Side Utility Door 

FOR SALE by OWNER ,  Bus and parts sales

Eagle MCI 12 GMC PD 4104 Conversion  GMC PD 4106



See our Plant and this Bus on the Discovery Channel's 

Super Bus Make Overs 

Click On Banner

Big Sale on RV Fold up Bunk Beds..


Fold Up Bunk Beds,...            Murphy Beds

Dual Twin Individual Folding Bunk System    Easy Lift Folding Bed



Visit our other websites:

A site for research and the  "Do It Yourselfer"

Some of our latest projects, Images of other past coaches under construction

Our Specialty Coaches, Limo buses , Double Decker sightseeing buses

Double Decker Sightseeing coach "The Suncruiser"

We design our own slide out units for all class of applications at 1/3 less

RV Parts catalog       -See Our 900 page Online -

Our party and Limo Buses

Our Luxury Coaches

This  Website dedicated to the Customer who likes to research before he buys and the Do It Yourself Bus Converter....

If you are researching information on MCI buses Click here !!...

Are you wondering What to do Next after buying your first Bus ..Go here ... What DO I DO NOW !

Buses for Sale


Galley Cabinets, Super  Sale    $1,495.00"  

           Have you seen our Latest  addition ..   The Suncruiser, a true Double Decker Sightseeing Cruiser.

As seen on the travel channel  .... Watch for our TV special on ....  "Super Bus Makeovers"

Our Founders Dream was to offer a real million mile,
Stainless Steel Chassis, Bus Conversion Motor Home for under $400,000.

We specialize in Building High Quality Bus Conversion  Private Coaches ........ "

Now, we are offering those components to the Do it Yourselfer
 IF we use it..... its available

Also, See Our new 900 page Online RV Parts Catalog...
It will help you with the same components we use to build our coaches ..
Go to ""

A different type of a Motor Coach .

With the Stainless Steel MCI high mileage chassis
You really can't appreciate a coach like this without seeing it.

Double Decker,..
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"Watch this Double Decker under contraction"

A Super Luxurious $2.5M Double Decker
Hand built Coach under construction at this moment and  Another one just started.. 
Look at progressive images under construction in PA and NC

"Available For Sale $2.6M"

click on image

Dash Upgrades                       Back to top of page

More Options ...

For more Electronic LCD Dash Upgrades go here

New Motor Coach Style  Drivers Consoles adds a perfect accent of luxury and comfort to the driver .



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"Super Bus Makeovers",
For Sale
This is the Coach used in the Travel Channel show
"Super Bus Makeovers"   
Aired several times ,..   

    As seen on the travel channel  ...

This Demo Coach Now available .....

Heavy duty walls, heavy duty shelves...                                                        Back to top of page
Our walls are 11 Ply 3/4"  Cabinet grade Plywood... This equals  better Sound quality,  plus our motor coaches have an additional temperature insulation property . Have you ever sat in a booth in a standard motor home and bumped your elbow on the wall and noticed the walls seemed flimsy and thin?
You wont do that with our walls .
You will hurt yourself..!.....  




Now ready!!!!
  "Super Galley Sale    $1,995.00"

Cabinets,                                                                                    Back to top of page
Note the stainless steel Drawer Pulls
" Commercial look but yet Elegant "


Our Walker Coach Cabinetry is constructed in a modular design concept  which means.
Weight, strength, sound deadening and durability .
Note how heavy our shelving is .
.All for sound and strength for  less squeaking and heavy durability.

All our Motor Coach drawers are 3/4"-9 ply
Cabinet Grade Plywood lined with trunk liner
sound deadening material.
These same qualities will be available to our do it yourself market too ..

For more information on cabinets for the do
it yourselfer click here

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RV Slide Out units

We design and build our own Aluminum Slide outs.. 
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Luggage bays reconditioned,
Holding Tanks,

Our Holding Tank Fittings are all  Spin on

Welded  together  .. The fitting is melted into the tank, then we glue to the PVC drains pipes ..
Bulk head screw on type fittings seem to work themselves loose . ..
Be aware of the difference ..
Polyethylene and Polystyrene Plastics are difficult to Glue or to Clamp to..
You don't want your Black Water to leak ..

One of our customers  said....

" My Walker Coach is so quiet it's like driving a cave, you can't hear a thing behind you, No Squeaks, No Rattles, Nothing...  "
One piece aluminum
blank-out panels

A little heavier, more durable equals no air noise . All our skins are 1/8"
One Piece Aluminum Panels not thin
skins like on a camper.


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One Piece Aluminum Panels

45' stretched coach,     Back to top of page

Walker Coach is the only Conversion Company that stretches our coaches into the more popular
45' Coach..

In a MCI, we remove the radiators install a new one like the new coaches have down below and use that upper space for additional space to create a new room upstairs ...


Fiberglass  Parts                                   Back to top of page

We design and build our own Front & Rear fiberglass  sections,
Custom designed for a contemporary look to fit
MCI 9, MCI 12  and MCI 102 Bus Chassis....

All sleek and smooth just like the newer style High End Coaches.
Our 45' Motor Coaches have the more popular one piece swing up tailgate. Which is a perfect compliment to the new design concepts of this Walker Coach Motor Home.



Chassis Rebuilds,                    Back to top of page

One High End luxury Motor Home
manufacturer  N_ WE L ,.....
 with Motor Coaches in the $750,000. range promises their  chassis is  designed around a
Monocoque chassis like a commercial bus ..

That's a great Idea ..
But,... how about the real thing!!!!!
See how heavy our MCI chassis is....

We strip the frame down and rebuild a new suspension again .... Ready for Millions of miles all over again .... 

Note the  Heavy Chassis Undercoating ...

  With heavy primer, heavy Tar undercoating then 2 coats of chassis black paint protecting for many years to come .....
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New  Shock Absorbers, wheel bearings,...
brake drums, brake shoes, king pin bushing, shock absorbers, steering gear box, airlines, air suspension air bags, radius rod bushings and much, much, more....

Take note of  the stainless steel visible over the wheel well ..truly a 30 year, 3 million mile chassis for commercial use This chassis will make a long lasting Luxury Private Coach.




Buying a Bus ?                                                                                    Back to top of page

This site is dedicated to the "The Do-It-Yourself Bus Converter".

Big Sale on RV Fold up Bunk Beds..

Over 100  Floor plans to co-design 

Standard Inline .jpg (38062 bytes)

Our Front end upgrades                                                       Back to top of page

Our front & Rear Fiberglass upgrades

 Buses for sale                                                                                                              Back to top of page

Buses For Sale

Check out our
Spring Special Package 

MCI-9 Bus....  Free !!!


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Unlimited Floor Plans

Our Newest Line
The New  Model 3301
 Motor Coach  
She's ready to go to the paint shop...  Check it out

Over 100  Floor plans to co-design 

Standard Inline .jpg (38062 bytes)

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Party Buses        


MCI 9 Motor Home
40'-45' with Mirror Finish

MCI 9 Motor Home
40 ' - 45' With

New MCI E Model Design
Party Buses

Our Latest
Shell Special

Our Latest Fall
Super Conversion Special

Check out our other websites ...                                                                     Back to top of page

Bus conversion kits Now available !!!!!!

Visit our other websites:

A site for research and the  "Do It Yourselfer"

Some of our latest projects, Images of other past coaches under construction

Our Specialty Coaches, Limo buses , Double Decker sightseeing buses

Double Decker Sightseeing coach "The Suncruiser"

We design our own slide out units for all class of applications at 1/3 less

RV Parts catalog       -See Our 900 page Online -

Our party and Limo Buses

Our Luxury Coaches 

Higher End Luxury Double Decker Coaches                 

  Buses101 Video


An American made Double Decker sightseeing Bus
Double Decker Sightseeing Bus


Some Conversion Kits ready

Partially built Galleys ,

Now available ..  "Supper Galley Sale    $1,995.00"

Latest in Slide out technology


See a film clip from the Discovery Channel TV Show..."Super Bus make Overs"

Big Sale on RV Fold up Bunk Beds..

A Walker Coach  is a different
type of a Motor Coach .

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Free Advice Hotline
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